If you have ordered a couple of Diamond Painting kits you probably have gotten tweezers as well as the pink pen. Many wonder what the tweezers are used for. And the answer is simple you use them for picking up the drills. So they are just a substitute for the pink pen. I alternate between using the pink pen and the tweezers. And I can with confident say that it is easier to pick up the square drills than the round ones with them. The round ones are harder to get a grip of with the tweezers.

Placing single drills

I personally use the tweezers when I have just started on a painting and the drills I am placing are spread out. I feel I am getting better precision when using the tweezers than with the pink pen. The drills end up more straight and are easier to correct. On the other hand, if holes are to be filled, I think it is easier with the pink pen.

Removing displaced drills

The tweezers are also good at removing drills. If any drills end up in the wrong place or awry you will find that the tweezers are a good tool for removing them. Likewise, if you find that you have by mistake placed drills with holes in it, they can be removed with the tweezers.

Multiple drills at once

You can also use the tweezers to place multiple drills at once. I have used them to placed both two and three drills at once. However you will need to practice to make it work. I have some times been able to place three drills at once and other times the drills are flying and won’t let me pick them up. But practices makes perfect, so don’t give up if the drills end up all over the place.

Different tweezers designs

You will notice that there are some different tweezers designs and it is best if you try them out to find one you like. I have only tried the angled one and I really like it. Since it is angled it is easier to see where you place the drills. Which result in that the drills end up straighter.