I have seen many who have been curious about what I call sweep and pick up tool for Diamond Painting and I actually bought one a while ago. So here’s a little review of what I think about it.

Where I bought it

I saw the sweep and pick up tool on AliExpress some time ago and became very curious about it. I couldn’t help but buy it. I bought it at SleepyCat Store and if you want to buy your own, you can find it here: sweep & pick up tool.

Sweep and pick up tool
Sweep and pick up tool.

What its used for

Spills out drills are something that happens every now and then and this tool allows you to easily sweep the drills together and then use the sticky side to pick them up. If you spill the drills in the canvas glue, it will not help as the glue on the canvas is stronger. So in those cases you are stuck with the tweezers.

sweep and pick up tool
The sticky side that you use to pick up drills with.

My thoughts

If you spill a few drills on the table or on the painting where you have already placed drills then the tool is really nice. It is easy to sweep the drills with the brush and it is also easy to pick up drills. However, I had the problem that when I remove the drills from the sticky side, the sticky part comes off. Which doesn’t really matter, but it was a little annoying when I managed to drop it in my tray a few times when I removed drills from it. If the sticky side gets full of dirt or if the drills don’t stick to it, just wet it a little. Then it becomes both clean and the drills will stick to it again.

I think it’s really good if you spill a few drills, but if you drop a lot on the floor it won’t help.

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