Have you ever been sitting with your Diamond Painting and then spilled drills everywhere? You should know that you are not alone. I think the majority of all those who are doing DP have probably done it at least once. As soon as you see the tray beginning to turn the wrong way, the panic sets in. “What am I going to do now?” or “now I will never finish my painting!” goes through your head. The disappointment is big, but you should know that there are some tricks you can use to pick up your drills.

Lint roller

If you have a lint roller at home, you can use it to pick up the drills. If you roll it on the drills, they will stick to the tape on the roll. You can then remove them from the reel and use them again.

Spilled drills
A lint roller that can be used to pick up spilled drills.

Vacuum cleaner with nylon stocking

One way that can help you get hold of many drills at one time is to use a nylon stocking and a vacuum cleaner. You simply thread the nylon sock over the vacuum cleaner nozzle and then just vacuum the drills up. Thanks to the nylon stocking, the drills stick to it and do not fall into the vacuum cleaner. Which allows you to easily place the nozzle over a jar and turn off the vacuum cleaner. Then the drills will release from the sock and go down into the jar.

spilled drills
A vacuum cleaner with nylon stocking over to vacuum up spilled drills.


If you’ve spilled drills on the sticky canvas, it’s pretty easy to pick them up with a pair of tweezers. If there are many that are loose, however, it is a good idea to first empty these into a tray. Then just pick up tweezers and pick off the other drills.