SmithsBeads is an online store that is located in England. It’s a family business. They sell Diamond Painting kits and accessories and beads for jewelry making. You can also find blank canvas for Diamond Painting and drills. The possibility of ordering a HAED Diamond Paiting is also available at Smiths Beads, but keep in mind that you must purchase the pattern directly from HAED.

If you want to buy anything from Smiths Beads and don’t live in the UK you need to contact them via Facebook or mail. Because only those who live in the UK can buy things directly from the online store. The reason for this is that shipping costs go up and down all the time. And I guess they want to avoid updating the shipping on their website all the time and therefore to be more accurate they calculate shipping per order.

You can find the online store here: SmithsBeads.

If you want to place an order and are outside the UK you can find the Facebook page here: SmithsBeads.