Pretty Neat is a online store based in Singapore. They sell a plethora of Diamond Paintings and accessories. On most paintings you can choose whether you want square or round drills. Something that is nice, since you can choose what you like best.

They also have a Facebook group where you can discuss Diamond Painting. The group also offers discounts and other offers. So if you want to order something from them it might be a good idea to join the group.

They have warehouses in the US and China, and the goods are shipped from both of these locations. This mean that if you order multiple things they can come in different packages. Processing an order takes 4-7 business days and after that the item is shipped from them. They write that it takes 2-6 weeks to get an item, but that it also depends on where you live and how quickly the packages are handled in customs.

You find the online store here: Pretty Neat

If you want to join the Facebook group you can do so here: PNC Diamond Painting Enthusiasts.