Do you, like me, find it annoying to refill the pen with wax all the time? Then I have a tip for you; Pick-Me-Up pen. I have seen in some Diamond Painting groups on Facebook that they use a pencil called Pick-Me-Up. Of course, it piqued my interest and I had to investigate what it was.

What is Pick-Me-Up pen?

Pick-Me-Up pen is a pen that at one end has a sticky mass that can be used to pick up drills, and at the other a small flat part that you can adjust drills with. The pen is about 18 cm (about 7 inches) long. The pen is made by Silhouette America.

Pick-Me-Up pen
Pick-Me-Up pen can be used for Diamond Painting.

How does the Pick-Me-Up pen work?

The pen comes with a sticky mass at one end. The mass is a bit like blu tack, I think, what it really is I do not know. It is very easy to use. You just take off the lid, then turn the pen to get the sticky mass out. Be careful not to overdo it. Because then there is a risk that it will come loose from the tip of the pen and that it will smear on the drills. What I have gathered from when I read about the pen is partly that the sticky mass lasts a long time, and if it runs out, you can replace it with blu tack. I think it sound really simple and easy.

pick-me-up pen
The end with which you pick up the drills. You can see some sticky goo coming out.

What I think

I really like the pen. In the beginning, it was a bit tricky with how I should hold it. Mostly because I wanted to hold on to the part where you screw on the pen to get the mass out. Which is basically just threads and it is narrower there. But after a little practice, I managed to figure out how I could hold for it to be comfortable. I have read that it can get a little loose at the threads when you screw on the pen, but that it can be easily solved with a small piece of tape on the threads. So far I have not noticed any of it, but my pen is basically new.

Where can I buy Pick-Me-Up pen?

Depending on where you live you might have a store nearby that sells it, if not you can find the pen at Amazon. If you want to buy it at Amazon you can find it here: Pick-Me-Up pen.

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