Some sites sell Diamond Painting pens for round and square drills. In the description it says that they are made for either one or the other. However, the question is does it make any difference? Should you use the pens for round and square drills?

Pen for round drills

The pen for round drills has no strange appearance. The side you fill with wax is round and it works just like an ordinary Diamond Painting pen. So if any site sells pens for round drills they aren’t really special. It will work the same way as a pink pen, except it may be nicer looking.

Diamond Painting pen for round drills
A Diamond Painting pen for round drills.

Pen for square drills

The pen for square drills differs in only one thing from the one for the round, and that is that the tip where you fill wax is square. I have not felt that it is easier to pick up square drills with it, in fact I have felt absolutely no difference. It is equally good to pick up drills with both, whether the drills are round or square.

Diamond Painting pen for square drills
A Diamond Painting pen for square drills.

Does it make any difference?

In my opinion, the shape of the tip does not affect anything. It is the wax in the tip itself that is used to pick up drills, so you don’t really touch the drills with the tip. I think those who sell pens for round and square drills only do it as an advertising ploy. If you are thinking of buying a pencil just because it is for round or square drills then I say save your money. If the pen does not have a special look that you want, then it is not worth it. Are you looking to test it yourself then you can find the pens here: type 1 and type 2. Both models are available for both round and square.

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