Paint With Diamonds is an online store that sells Diamond Painting kits and accessories. They sell light boards, various pens, storage, canvas and drills. They also help if you want your own picture made into a Diamond Painting. Everything is sent from their supplier in China. According to their specification, it take between 20-40 days for a package going to Europe and 9-30 days for a package going to USA.

They offer worldwide free shipping on all their orders and you also get a lifetime missing drills warranty. So that if you are missing drills for a painting you ordered from them you can provide the order number and get the missing drills for free. It doesn’t matter if you ordered the painting a year ago or a day.

Paint with Diamonds also has something that they call “oh sh*t insurance”. Which means that if something happens to your Diamond Painting. For example, you lose all the diamonds or spill something on the fabric. Then you can contact them, (with pictures of your chaos), and possibly get diamonds or a new kit sent to you. This costs nothing, they offer it as a free service.

You can find the web shop here: Paint With

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