Don’t you think the light board is for you? Or don’t you want to spend the money on one? Then you can use a magnifying lamp instead. A magnifying lamp can help you see the symbols of your Diamond Painting canvas better.

What is a magnifying lamp?

A magnifying lamp is simply a lamp with a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass itself is usually circular and the lamp sits around the glass. The lamps are available in models that you place on the table or that you attach to the table top. There are also those with floor stands, but they are slightly more expensive. So you have many different variations to choose from and can surely find one that you like. Both in terms of price and appearance.

Why use a magnifying lamp?

The lamp is good for two reasons. The first is that it gives light to the canvas which allows you to see what you do easier. The second is that it enlarges the symbols on the canvas. If you have a painting with faded symbols, the lamp can help you see them more easily. You don’t have to strain your eyes too much to try to see what symbol is on the canvas.

Where can I get one?

You can find magnifying lamps in various stores. For example, at Amazon and AliExpress. Prices seem to range from 30$ and up.