Sometimes the drills refuse to stay on the canvas. The drills pop up and make the Diamond Painting look awful. Here you can read some tips on what you can do to keep the stubborn drills down. If you have any tips, leave a comment and tell us how you you do it.

1. Rolling pin

Sometimes the drills pop up because it is a little too tight on the canvas. Then you can use a rolling pin to push them down. Don’t have a rolling pin? Check out my post about three different kinds: ROLLING PINS.

2. Nail polish/glue

If only a single drill is stubborn and pops up, you can use nail polish or glue. Put some transparent nail polish or glue on the bottom of the drill and push it down into place. A good idea is to place something heavy on it until you are sure the nail polish/glue has dried.

3. Bubbles in the glue

There may be bubbles in the glue on the canvas and these can cause the drills to pop up. If you have bubbles in the glue then it is best to make holes in the bubbles before placing the drills. How to get rid of them you can read here: Bubbles in the glue – how to get rid of them.

4. Hole in the drill

If there are some drills popping up here and there, it may be that you happen to use a drill that does not have a completely smooth back. If the drill does not have a completely smooth back, it won’t stick to the glue on the canvas and pop up after a while. In these cases, just peel off the drill and replace it with a new one.

5. New drills

If all drills have a hard time staying down on the canvas, there may be something wrong with them. In that case, it is best to contact the seller and request new drills. You should not need to sit and glue each drill separately in order for the drills to be firmly attached to the canvas.