There are quite a few words to keep track of if you are into Diamond Painting. I have created a little dictionary for anyone who have a hard time keeping up with all the words and abbreviation. If you think any words are missing or wrong please contact me through the contact page, which you can find here: Contact.

Diamond Painting kit – A complete kit with everything you need to make a Diamond Painting. Usually contains of canvas (with the pattern you choose), drills, symbol chart, pink wax, pen and/or tweezers and last but not least a tray.

DMC – A company that, among other things, produces embroidery thread and yarn for crochet and knitting. You can visit their website here: DMC.

DMC-number – The number every embroidery thread from DMC has. They have 454 different colors that are being use for Diamond Painting.

DP – Short for Diamond Painting.

HAED Diamond Painting – HAED stands for Heaven and Earth Designs, and they are a company that sells cross stitch patterns. You can visit them here: HAED.

Pen – The tool used for picking up drills to be able to put them on the canvas.

RAK – An abbreviation for “Random Act of Kindness”. Usually said when someone gives away paintings and/or accessories to a randomly selected person.

Symbol chart – The paper you get with a Diamond Painting kit. It list the symbols, DMC-numbers, how many drills every color need and how many bags of drills you have gotten of each color.

Tray – The little container with notches in the bottom which you put the drills in and then shake softly to get the drills to end up with the right side up.

Wax – The pink goo you fill the pen with to be able to pick up the drills.

UFO – You probably think of flying sauces but in this context it means unfinished object. In other words a project that has yet to been finished.

WIP – An abbreviation for work in progress.