Have you done many Diamond Paintings and want to keep track of which ones you made? What sizes they have? Or how long they did take? Then the app Diamond Painting Logbook is for you.

iOS and Android

The app has been around for iOS for a while and soon it will also be available for Android. Right now, you can test the app for Android, and help in its development. The app doesn’t cost much on either platform and I think is a very affordable price. You can find the iOS version of the app here: iOS. The Android version of the app can be find here: Android.


In the app you can add projects, colors you have and there is also a wish list. When you add a project you can enter a whole heap of details. Among other things, you can name the project, add a picture, specify the size, who you bought from, when and at what price. You can also specify whether the painting is full or partial drill and if it has square or round drills.


You can set different statuses on your projects. If you have finished a painting, you can mark it as done. Not only that, you can also indicate if you have kept the painting, sold it or given it away. If you have ordered a new painting, you can indicate that you have not received it, once it has arrived you can change the status to that you received it but not started it. Then when you start on your painting you can change the status to started, you can also specify the date you started it. If you have sold a painting, you can enter how much you sold it for.

diamond painting logbook
Projects added in the Diamond Painting logbook app with different status.


Something that’s really great about the app is that you can put in how many bags of each color you have. You can specify full or half bag. I guess by a bag they mean those that are filled with 200 drills. This is a feature that I think is very good because then you can keep track of what colors you have without having to look in your storage.

diamond painting logbook
Colors added to the Diamond Painting logbook app, with the amount of bags of each color.