There are many different accessories for Diamond Painting and not only that, there are different variants of those accessories. Here I list the accessories I can’t live without. If you’ve been doing Diamond Painting for a while, you’ve probably already found what accessories you can’t live without. Write a comment with the ones you use below.

Light board

Something I can’t live without is my light board. It helps me see the symbols clearly which makes it easier to place the drills on the canvas. If you are unlucky and get a canvas with blurry symbols, something that happened to me once, it is really worth it weight in gold. It is also good on those who have clear symbols, so you do not have to strain your eyes at all. I have previously written a post about my light board that you can read here: I bought a light board.

can't live without
My light board that helps me see the symbols more clearly.

Large white tray

När jag göra större tavlor där man har stora områden av samma färg är mitt stora vita tråg helt ovärderligt. Man kan fylla i en hel del diamanter i tråget och slipper hålla på att fylla på det hela tiden. Vilket sparar tid.

large white tray
Large white tray which is good for paintings with large areas of the same color.


The tweezers I use to put the drills in checkerboard pattern. I think the tweezers make it easier to put down scattered drills. That is, when there are colors here and there. At the beginning of an area I use it often, when it starts to fill in I usually use a pen instead. I think the precision you get with tweezers is absolutely unbeatable when it comes to placing single drills that are not surrounded by anything.

Tweezers that I use to put drills in checkerboard patterns.

Double-tip pen

When I have placed many drills with tweezers there are often empty places where there are two drills of the same color next to each other. Then I use a pen that has two tips. Which makes it very easy to place drills. If you want to get a pen with double tips you can find it here: double-tip pen.

can't live without
A pen with two tips.

Laptop stand

I have a small apartment and sit on my couch while I am doing Diamond Painting. In the beginning I put the canvas directly on the table, but it started to hurt my neck and back. So then I got a laptop stand, and I’m really glad I did. It has legs that you can fold out that make it taller, but the best thing about it is that I can have it in my lap on the couch. I don’t even have to use my living room table. Absolutely superb!

laptop stand
My laptop stand with the light board and Diamond Painting on it.

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