Here you can find 8 Diamond Painting tips that suits both beginners and veterans. If you have any tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below.

Remove the symbol chart from the canvas

Use nail polish remover or acetone to remove the symbol chart that is printed on the canvas. That way you don’t have to think about it when you are framing your painting.

8 diamond painting tips
Remove the symbol chart with nail polish remover.

Keep the canvases flat

If you keep the canvas of your paintings flat, they are ready to start immediately when you are done with the previous one. You don’t have to put up with a canvas that is constantly rolling up and you don’t have to get it flat again.

Bigger painting better result

As with most pixel arts, you get a better result with a larger picture. You get more details and you see more clearly what the motif of the painting is. If you want to read more about this, you can do this: size matters for Diamond Painting.

Use poster hangers for finished paintings

If you do not want to spend a fortune on framing your paintings, you can use poster hangers. They are cheaper than regular frames and look great. If you seal the painting it will hold better as these frames have no glass. You can find poster hangers here: poster hangers.

8 diamond painting tips
A poster hanger that you can use to frame your Diamond Painting.

Use a rolling pin on your painting

Use a rolling pin on your painting to get the drills to attach properly to the canvas. Before framing your painting or have any sealant on it, you should use a rolling pin on your finished Diamond Painting to get the drills stuck securely. In addition, this makes them sit more evenly and do not stick up here and there.

Save leftover drills

Saving the drills that are left over is a good idea, if you are missing some for the next painting then you can use the ones you have instead of buying new ones. Just remember to label them with the DMC number. If you want to know how I store my drills, you can read about it here: This is how I store my drills.

Tape the adhesive edge with decorative tape

Use decorative tape (washi tape) to cover the adhesive edge around the painting. If you want the sticky edge around the board to be free of dust and lint, you can use decorative tape to cover the edge. This way you keep the edge clean and you don’t get stuck in it when you attach drills to the canvas. You can find it here: washi tape.

washi tape
Decoration tape (washi tape) on the edge of a Diamond Painting.

Put the symbol chart in a plastic pocket

If you have a paper symbol chart for your Diamond Painting, you can put it in a plastic pocket. This way you avoid sticking it to the glue if you accidentally put the paper on the canvas when the protective plastic is removed.

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