Whether you are a beginner or have made many Diamond Painting pictures, you can’t get enough tips. Below are 7 Diamond Painting tips your you. Do you have any tips that are not included? Write a comment and share it.

1. Plastic pocket

If you have ever put your symbol chart in glue on the canvas, you know how hard it is to get rid of it. There is a simple trick to avoid this. Just put the symbol chart in a plastic pocket. The plastic does not stick in the same way as paper so you can easily pull off the plastic pocket if it happened to end up in the glue.

Plastic pockets
Plastic pockets that you can use to put the symbol chart for Diamond Painting in.

2. Cleaning the drills

Sometimes the wax gets stuck on the drills when you put them on the canvas. To get the drills clean again, there are two things that are good to use. A damp cloth or wipes for glasses can be used. Gently pull the cloth or wipes over the drills. Be sure to be careful and make sure they do not leave any liquid.

3. Make the canvas flat

To make the canvas flat, you can put it on a flat surface with books on it. You can also hang it on a trouser hanger to make it flat. Some even put the canvas under the mattress to make it flat.

4. Save leftover drills

If you get any drills over when you finish a painting, mark them and save them. It may be that you lack drills for a painting you will do. If that is the case then it’s nice to have drills yourself rather than wait for new ones to come. You can also help others and send drills to someone else who is missing.

5. Speeding up the process

If you have many drills of the same color in the same place, it can go a little slow. Then you can use one of the ends of the pink pen that has room for several drills. Once you get into how to use it, it goes much faster.

pink pen
The pink pen with the end that can add nine drills at once to speed up the process.

6. Mark the containers

It is common to replace the bags you get the drills in. If you do this, you should mark the new containers with the DMC number. I usually empty the drills into zip bags that I write the DMC number and symbol on. The reason I do that is so I don’t have to look at the symbol chart every time I change color. When I finish a painting, I put the drills in other containers that are only marked with a DMC number.

7. Protective plastic/cover

Remove only a small part of the protective plastic/cover at a time. If you remove all the protective plastic at once, there is a risk that dirt and paper will get stuck in the glue. You can also put your arm in the glue yourself. If you get too much dirt and other things in the glue, the drills might not be able to stick to the glue.