Diamond Paintings in all its glory, but sure is it immensely fun with accessories too? The pens you can vary in all infinity and the trays you can spiffy up and make nice looking. Here you can find 4 accessories that I think when you started with Diamond Painting you did not think you would consider buying.

Stand for Diamond Painting pens

If you have been doing Diamond Painting for a while then you have probably also managed to collect pens. Not just the boring pink pencils, but a few nicer ones. Here you have a stand that you can put them in. Surely you want to show off the nicest pens you have? If you want to buy a stand you can find it here: Diamond Painting stand.

4 accessories
A stand for Diamond Painting pens.

Diamond box to store wax in

You don’t only want to show of your pens, you would also want a nice looking box to store your wax in. What better suited than a box that looks like a diamond? It is really suited I think. You must show what it is you are doing. If you want to buy it, you can find it here: diamond box.

4 accessories
Box in the shape of a diamond to have wax for Diamond Painting in.

Magic cleaning machine

Have you ever had problems with oily or sticky drils? With this “magic” cleaning machine the drills become clean again. Fill in some water and drills. Then close the lid, press the button and let the machine do the job. Then let the drills dry on a picea of paper and then they are ready to use. If you want your own magic cleaning machine you can find it here: magic cleaning machine.

Magic cleaning machine
Magic cleaning machine for cleaning oily drills.

Pick up and sweep up tools

Have you ever spilled a lot of drills on your Diamond Painting canvas? Then you know it can be a little difficult to pick up everyone from it. Do not worry with this tool you can easily sweep together and then pick up the drills that you have spilled. The tool is similar to a pen. At one end you have a brush and at the other a sticky part to pick up drills. If you want to buy one you will find it here: pick/sweep up tool.

sweeping tool
A tool for sweeping and picking up drills.

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